Jays Report

Sorry for the lack of reports. We have been very busy this season on and off the boat. 


At 5am today, we went fishing around Peaked Hill which is around the back side of Provincetown. This was a personal trip with the Captain, Mate and a Mate from another boat in Scituate. The seas were about 2-3 feet. At around 615am, it seemed to calm down once we arrived to the spot where we dropped our squid bars down and started fishing for Tuna. At around 7am we hooked up on our furthest rig on the left. We fought it and got it into the boat. It was a 52inch Tuna. About a half hour later we get hit again. We fought it and got it to the boat and realized it was too big to keep since we already had a fish in that slot. An hour or so later we get hit again and fought it and got it to the boat and it was 46 inches. At this point it was 9am and decided to pack it in since we caught our limit for the day.

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